Public Submission

Being submissive and obedient to my wife is easier at home than it is in public. Unfortunately, it recently seems like I’m only capable of the easiest kinds of submission. For some reason, my submissive impulse is dulled when I’m in public with my wife. This weekend I was told quite clearly by my wife that my lack of submissiveness and disobedience when in public was unacceptable, and I was punished accordingly.

My wife dislikes punishing me, so any punishment I receive comes with the added shame of the fact that she only punishes me for my most epic failures.

There’s no excuse for disobeying my wife’s wishes in public. There’s no excuse for not anticipating my wife’s wishes and following them automatically and wordlessly. I often feel reluctant to be submissive when I’m in public around other people, because I’m ashamed to be seen as weaker, softer, or more sensitive. But I am. I shouldn’t be ashamed of my submissiveness. I walk around feeling as proud to serve and obey my wife as I do at home.

So why is it so hard for me?

Part of it is consciously reminding myself to be submissive. A reminder would be great, like a necklace, bracelet, or ring that would serve as a “vanilla” collar. Part of it is being more submissive in my thoughts at home.

The reality of public submission is that submissiveness is hardly ever noticeable. It’s not like people are going to look at me and say, “he belongs to his wife, what a sissy.” It will hardly ever be obvious, and when it is overt, people are just going to think I’m being chivalrous and helpful.

As my wife said, being submissive isn’t something we play at when we’re at home, where I fetch her drinks and give her massages and then we go out and I get to be just another guy. My wife requires that I accept her authority openly and willingly, and she requires it constantly. Not just at home between certain times.

On that note, this post too me much longer to write than it should have, and now I need to go get the house ready for my wife’s return from work.


One thought on “Public Submission

  1. An interesting post, and honest and refreshing. Obviously you recognise the importance of submitting to your Wife in public and admit that you struggle with it.

    I can only hope you’re public acknowledgment of your issues has helped you improve your attitude towards public submission to your Wife over the past two years.

    It is important to remember that public submission is an important part of a true Female Led Marriage or even a Female Led Relationship. Not only for your own relationship which is clearly of the utmost importance to your Wife, but also in showing the wider community that a Female Led Relationship or Female Led Marriage is a prudent and progressive choice for all Women and their menfolk.

    Given these considerations, truly embracing the FLM will allow you to provide a strong example to other men considering an FLR or FLM that it is a great choice for any man. In fact, showing your public submission is an empowering act for you and also an inspiring example for other men to follow.

    Showing your submission in public will also at the same time empower Women to demand better treatment and even submission from their own men. Let’s be honest – if more Women feel empowered to take control of their relationships and set the boundaries for their menfolk to adhere to, follow and ultimately obey – the world will be an infinitely better place for all – Women and men.

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