Some Thoughts on Chastity

It has been nearly three full weeks since I last had an orgasm, and unless my wife lets me have an orgasm this weekend (unlikely), this will be the longest I have gone without orgasm in quite some time.

As I mentioned before, my wife does not allow me to wear a chastity device, for two reasons. First, she wants me to remain chaste using only my willpower. She believes that forcing me to own my chastity and take responsibility for my behavior will make me more submissive. I certainly think it has. Second, she wants to be able to touch me and tease me whenever she wants.

She has put me in the habit of not playing with myself, to the extent that it feels strange to do so when she tells me to tease myself. But after three weeks, my feeling of sexual arousal never fully goes away. Two weeks seems to be the minimum time needed for me to achieve a state of true humility, understanding of my subservient position in my marriage, and docile acceptance of my wife’s demands.

Most of all, it teaches me about myself and my relationship with my wife. Here are some of the things that have occurred to me while reflecting on my ongoing chastity:

As a submissive man, I’m sexually very different from a dominant man. A dominant man gets to have an orgasm whenever he wants, pretty much however he wants. I must wait patiently for weeks, perhaps a month or more, for my wife to feel that I have pleased her sufficiently (both in bed and in our marriage).

When expressing anger or aggressiveness, I feel like I’m an actor playing a part. Society expects me to behave a certain way as a male (in our current age, that includes behaving quite badly). Although I don’t want to be aggressive or arrogant, I have internalized the messages of society that say I should be that way. Being submissive and chaste make me realize how terrible it is to be aggressive and arrogant, and how rewarding it is to be kind, adaptable, accommodating, and gentle.

Any acknowledgement of my submissive role creates a reaction like a drug for me. And the more I have, the more I want. It’s also very easy to be desensitized. This is why submissives of any gender can be so annoying to vanilla partners–we sometimes pester them for any little response we can get out of them. Submissives (at least this one) tend to dwell on things. The best thing for me to do with all that pent up thinking is to use it to make sure that when my wife tells me something, she only has to tell me once, and then I have learned it and she doesn’t have to remind me.

(Apologies if this is a sloppy post–I just had this idea and wanted to get it posted while it was fresh in my mind.)

I’d be curious to know what other submissive men have learned from their time in chastity.


6 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Chastity

  1. I proposed to my wife that she control my orgasms for 2014 as a New Years resolution thing for me. She said ok, well see how it goes. I said it can go further if she wants like me not even touching myself & she has added that to her control aswell. Prior to my proposal I can’t remover the last time we had sex but I do remember cuming a bit before Christmas by pleasuring myself while she slept.
    Anyway already I’m more attentive & wanting to cuddle & rub her back. So far on the second night after proposing my resolution she made me eat her & then we both slept. Right now I’m determined to see the year out without ever pestering or begging for release.

    1. Best of luck, Greg! I think you–and more importantly your wife–will be pleased with the positive changes that come with prolonged orgasm denial. Remember that those positive changes will be disappear with frequent orgasm, so don’t take those pleasant effects for granted.

  2. Wishing you good luck. I also encourage you to serve her outside the bedroom; submitting humbly and completely. If you submit, she will rule you. I have been a year without release before, and am now at 3 months with virtually no sexual contact by me or my wife of my penis. I love release, but it really degrades my submissivness.

    1. Thankyou guys for the encouragement.
      On the 14th she asked if I’d like a blueberry & sexily passed one from her mouth to mine & kissed me. She never kisses me & the whole act drove me wild & made me think of snowballing.
      In bed that night she busted me watching cocksucking porn & asked me what’s one thing you’d like to do right now. I responded well I would love to swallow my cum from your mouth but that’s not just up to me.
      I couldn’t believe it , she sucked my cock! Which she rarely does & when I was about to cum I warned her. Omg! She never stopped , she never let’s me cum in her mouth & she never swallows.
      I came for the first time for 2014 & in her mouth too! She came up to my face & got over the top of me & kissed me releasing my cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all while we kissed . It was amazing & that was the last time I came ( 9 days ago now).
      Just had to share.
      I’ve been very attentive to her since this started & wer’ve progressed to me eating her while on my knees by the side of the bed. Several mornings I’ve enjoyed washing the previous nights juices off my face in the shower while my balls ache.

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