When Was Your Last Fight As a Couple?

Just wanted to share a quick thought. One of the most significant differences between my Female-led marriage and the marriages of other friends of mine is that there’s a lot less friction.

My wife and I just don’t fight. It’s not that she wins all the fights because she’s the boss, it’s that by following her leadership, our priorities are aligned such that we don’t come into conflict that much. When we do, she has the final word, and that’s it. We both want the same things and work to get them.

I’m also not talking about right vs. wrong.  If it’s a question of right vs. wrong, then that must mean it’s objective in nature, and then it’s a matter of finding out the objectively correct answer.

The only area of conflict early on was that sometimes I have a legitimate issue that she doesn’t want to address for some reason or another. From this, I learned that there are good and bad times to bring things up. I need to be ready far in advance to discuss things at the right time. You need to be more organized and make sure you’re prioritizing things properly.

I’m sure it’s different for every couple, but that’s one thing that my wife and I have noticed. I’m curious if this is a common feature of D/s relationships.


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