A Busy Weekend in This Female-Led Marriage

Hopefully the weather is this nice for my wife’s game tomorrow!

This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one for my dominant wife and I, her submissive househusband. Tomorrow my wife is out golfing, lunching, and shopping with her friends. I am shopping as well–grocery shopping. I am also cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, and catching up on laundry. Then, preparing a financial update to review with her later. If she is not too tired, there is a free performance by our town’s professional ballet corps that we may attend.

On Sunday my wife and I are going for a long run to prepare for our respective races (I am running a local race next month, and she is running in a large, competitive women’s-only race), after which I will be preparing lunch with my wife in time for football. My wife is a much bigger football fan than I am, and it’s funny to see so many of my female friends on Facebook who are annoyed with their husbands for neglecting them to watch the game. I feel their pain–if only they knew how different things were around here! (If we were more open, I could invite the husbands over to watch the game with my wife. I could make some snacks and let their wives have some fun of their own. I wish!)

On Sunday night we’ll both make dinner and I’ll prepare some lunches to go in the fridge to start the week off right. On Monday morning my wife will get out of bed and breakfast will be waiting for her.

Things don’t always go so smoothly in D/s relationships, but when they do work, there’s no better way. (And when things don’t work, it’s usually no worse than in vanilla relationships.)

Husbands, hopefully there are things you can do this weekend to serve your wife more fully. Wives, hopefully you are thinking of ways your husbands serve you better!


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