A Simple But True Fact: My Wife is Superior to Me


In my previous post, I talked about my wife only a little. She loves having a sissy, submissive as a husband. But why?

She loves the obvious stuff–she gets whatever she wants. Her pleasure comes first in everything. I take care of the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, the laundry, the errands. She tells me what she wants to do, I buy the tickets and print the directions. After work she tells me what part of town we should meet in to get a drink, or to go shopping for her.

But it goes deeper than that.

My wife loves me because of the fact that I am inferior to her. She loves me as a person, and loves being with me. But she wouldn’t love me if I were any different, or if I tried to be any different, from how I am. The gap between her status and my status is a part of what makes our relationship so strong.

On nearly every level of comparison besides height, my wife is superior to me. This fact is present in nearly everything we do, but is usually unspoken.

She could replace me with a wealthy alpha-male if she wanted–she works with some of the most talented young medical doctors in the country. Although I work out hard, she is in better shape than me and is a natural athlete. In conversations about sports, politics, current events, science, and almost anything else, she will run circles around me. Her sense of taste and style is impeccable.

She doesn’t have to compete with me. She and I both know that I’m very lucky to have her as a dominant wife, and this creates an unspoken gap between us.

She loves this gap because she loves being cared for. I am one of the only people she has ever deeply connected with who is not hard-charging, competitive, and actively seeking power.

She loves that when she is with me, she can truly relax. She’s not competing anymore, because there’s no competition, with me. On every point of comparison, she wins all the time.

There’s something humiliating about it. I went to a respectable regional school, she has the Ivy League on her CV. She is sought out in her industry, I show up at work and do a good job and go home and start the laundry. She has far more friends than I do, both male and female. I love my friends, but they’re mostly women I know from school or work, and while I love hanging out with them, they’re not the center of my life. I’m consciously aware that I don’t measure up to my wife. And my wife is aware of that as well. It’s a humbling feeling.

But because it’s subtly humiliating, she doesn’t feel the need to humiliate me in many other ways. Sometimes she will humiliate me during sex as a show of power, which she enjoys as much as I do. Sometimes she will insert a cutting remark into a benign conversation just to remind me. Looking at our schedules, our Facebooks, and our emails, it’s obvious that the difference is apparent in our day-to-day lives. But it’s so obvious in so many ways that she doesn’t feel the need to do so artificially. When I suggest that I should do the chores wearing nothing but my Jessie Steele hostess apron, she forbids me because it’s too much. As she says, the difference between us is already apparent, so why make it so dramatic?

At one point, she got me a set of panties from Victoria’s Secret and had me wear them. But she had me stop because it was also too much. She prefers that I use self-control and self-discipline to remain chaste rather than use a chastity cage because again, it’s too much.

So what is it that makes this dynamic so satisfying for me? I love being married to a superior woman because I love that just by being an obedient and submissive husband, I can help someone amazing to be more successful. Her success is, in a way, my success too.

By the same token, the fact that she doesn’t have me wear a chastity cage, or that she does not cuckold me when she easily could is because she doesn’t want the gap between us to grow too large. This is understandable, although I think she underestimates how much humiliation I feel I deserve.

I suppose this doesn’t really have a point, but I wanted to explain more about why our relationship dynamic works the way it does.


7 thoughts on “A Simple But True Fact: My Wife is Superior to Me

  1. That all sounds rather nice. You seem to be a submissive rather than masochistic husband…ie she does not beat you, it seems. It sounds all very sweet to me….

    1. Sweet is such a great word to describe it. Once we both acknowledged her superiority, it took away an underlying tension and allowed us to be even more genuinely caring and loving.

      She rarely gives me physical punishments, although in our marriage it is her right to do so. It’s done to discipline, rather than to reinforce her status.

      1. That is very good indeed, and you two seem to have real love there. And you are finding fulfilment too, I think. Does she have the right to other lovers? It is just that you are in chastity….

      2. You’re right that I am finding fulfillment, although it’s admittedly harder to find for me than for her. She does have the right to other lovers. We have discussed this on several occasions. She likes to flirt, but hasn’t been inspired by any of the men she has come across. Being a naturally dominant woman, she sees right through male false bravado, which means a lot of men are not eligible the instant they open their mouths.

  2. You have not shared any examples of how ur wife feels superior to you in day to day life. Is it reinforced periodically or is it sporadic ?

  3. I can relate…my wife is clearly my superior ( intelligence, decision-making, wisdom ) and I can’t imagine not obeying and serving Her..

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