The Sacrifices and Rewards of Submission

The everyday life of a submissive husband is full of small humiliations, moments where you recognize that your status is different from that of vanilla husbands. There are moments where you feel pangs of something that feels like shame when you find your free time taken over by your wife’s requests. There are moments where you feel jealousy that she is out shopping, or having brunch with friends, or watching Netflix, and you are going grocery shopping, vacuuming, and ironing. The moments where you say no to invitations because you have things to do at home. When you pledge to obey your wife and respect her dominance over you, you know these moments are coming.

These are the moments you truly submit to your wife’s authority. There is a moment where I resist, but I instantly recognize my wife’s dominant power that clearly gives no room for negotiation. It finally sinks in that I have no choice in the matter, because I have given up the right to make that choice. I accept that she wants me to do the grocery shopping while she stays home with her vibrator (this has happened on more than one occasion), and that I have no right to say anything about it aside from “thank you”. Not that “it wouldn’t be cool to say anything,” but that in my marriage, it would be laughable to complain.

That feeling you feel when you feel ashamed at losing your freedom, but go and do what you are told to do anyway? That’s submission.

After it happens, it’s a beautiful thing. I grocery shop imagining the pleasure my wife is having without me. I love that she can watch TV or read a book knowing that things are taken care of. If I have to stop surfing the internet to give her a foot and leg massage while she surfs the internet, then I know that whatever pleasure I’m sacrificing is given back several time over to her.

This is what makes me submissive. When I give to others, particularly to my wife, I am far more fulfilled than if I accomplish something myself. In my career I help young people achieve important milestones, and their successes are far more powerful for me than even some of my own success stories. Helping others to achieve creates a sense of belonging and purpose I can’t get any other way. I love to give of myself.

And that’s why I love that I am submissive–I can consciously submit to my wife’s authority, and in doing so I can give other people far more pleasure than I could receive if I kept it for myself. My wife, in turn, is fulfilled by guiding me and seeing my satisfaction grow as I contribute more and more to others around me, and become less selfish. It is an honor to serve her, and every time I give up something I enjoy to please her, I gain plenty more again in return.

When I imagine the potential of my wife cuckolding me, I’m filled with a sense of gratitude that another man would choose to make my wife so fulfilled and satisfied. Giving up my rights to sex and orgasms has allowed me to focus on my wife’s pleasure, and the idea of having no control–and no selfishness–toward my own sexual gratification is fulfilling to me because I know I will continue to put my wife first.

I have gone nearly a month since my last orgasm, and my wife is aware that a couple of weeks after orgasm my attitude as a submissive returns to completely normal. She has indicated that my wait between orgasms will be much longer this time, and has hinted that I may have had my last orgasm of 2013. If so, it will be a total of 9 orgasms over the course of 2013. During this time I have become far more centered on my wife’s pleasure. I’m starting to hope she will allow me to wear a chastity cage as a way of extending the time, and thus allowing me to give more of myself to her.

As time goes on, I give more of myself to my amazing wife. It is an honor to do so, and it is why I am blessed to be a chaste, obedient, docile submissive husband.



One thought on “The Sacrifices and Rewards of Submission

  1. I share your passion and firm resolve to be submissive to an alpha female. It’s not always easy though, as you’ve indicated so clearly. I would love to join an online support group for men who feel the same and to share thoughts and experiences with them. Thank you.

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