Boring Holiday Related Post

This return to my blog comes with some good news. My last unfortunate absence was at the request of my wife, who asked me to stop writing and posting as punishment. This time, the reason is much happier–the past two months have been a wonderful time for my wife and I personally, but we haven’t been able to spend enough time with our real-world friends let alone attend to the internet. We’ve been skiing, partying, staying out late, and generally behaving like childless adults in the big city. But this isn’t that kind of blog. 

Although I was gone a while, let’s just say the time was not a waste in terms of writing. My wife had some “suggestions” for my writing time, which I enthusiastically embraced. I’ll have more to say about this in the coming weeks.

Apologies also for not responding to comments sooner. I have quite a few to reply to–I’m finding the comments are the best part of blogging! 

Some recaps from the past months:

  • Christmas with the wife in charge is more fun. We spent more time decorating. She instructed and inspected my wrapping closely. We watched holiday movies, and we spent time walking around the city, taking in the lights.
  • No major present like the vacuum cleaner this year. 
  • We spent some time with friends at a cabin in the mountains for some skiing, hot tubs, cooking, and alcohol. I was the only guy there, and was treated like one of the girls all the time. I may have been intentionally teased a little in the hot tub, but my wife had reminded me beforehand that I was to be on my most gentlemanly behavior or I’d be making snow angels at her command in front of everyone!

Off to read all the posts I’ve missed…


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