Chastity Update

A refresher for new readers: my wife forbids me from coming without her permission, and forbids me from wearing a chastity device. She prefers that I exercise self control, which she sees as a greater exercise of devotion. She doesn’t like the implication that it requires a lock and key to keep me from disobeying her. She can tell if I have cheated on her with myself quite easily from my (negative) demeanor and reduced sexual response. If she suspects I have played with myself, she simply takes my cock in her hands and waits for me to become hard. If I take too long, I have cheated on her and am punished.

Orgasm denial is very important for any submissive male, and I am no exception. Last year, my wife significantly decreased the frequency with which I am allowed to orgasm, mainly by forbidding masturbation, and we have both seen the benefits in my behavior, compliance, attitude, and overall comportment. After about two weeks without an orgasm, I am a very different–and much better–husband for my wife. There is discomfort at times, but this is a tiny price to pay for the many benefits, and my wife feels that bearing this discomfort without complaining is a good thing for me to practice.

Beginning this year, she has decreased the frequency of my orgasms again. In the first four months of this year, I have been allowed two orgasms inside her, and allowed to play with myself in her presence once. It’s a sad fact that a single orgasm takes two weeks to fully recover from, so decreasing the frequency means a couple of extra weeks at this new “normal” state. The challenge for us is that I’m so sensitive that I don’t last more than a few seconds inside of her anymore. She uses her vibrator far more than my cock for penetration, although she still prefers oral most of all.

I’m not sure what the rest of the year will look like. It would be much easier for me to wear a chastity device, but making it not easy is part of the point.

One thing I have learned is that it my horniness has become an assumption on her part, and she knows how to use that to manipulate me. The knowledge that she is always satisfied while I rarely am creates a constant power dynamic. She will often point out that my horniness makes me more simpleminded, as in the case of the blonde girl with the electric blue Lululemon tights at Target yesterday. Just an offhand comment was all it took for her to put me in my place and show me that she is thinking on another level due to my distraction. There’s a humiliating aspect as well, since my reaction to these blue tights was far more than it should have been for a normal male.

Being chaste through self control is a lonely thing, but it’s a necessity rather than a luxury for a submissive husband.


4 thoughts on “Chastity Update

  1. Thank you very much for this post- my wife is feels exactly the same about all of it. I’ve never had a chastity device, and it would be a waste of time for me to ask her for one because I know it’s not going to happen.

    My problem with your wife’s test is that it could lead to anxiety which might make you fail the test even if you’d been faithful. What happens in that case?

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you and your wife are going down this path–I think you’ll both find it rewarding.

      My wife’s test was in many ways a test of willpower, and I could see that inducing anxiety. I just let it happen–I didn’t think about not playing with myself. I said to myself “I could play with myself, but that would really disappoint me personally, and my wife would be able to tell pretty easily, and it would disappoint her. She would think I wasn’t really serious about being obedient to her.” And I just accepted it.

  2. I’ve kept Elliott chaste for years on the honour system. He’s allowed to come once or twice a month but is almost never allowed to make his mess in me. He accepts that this is just how is life as my husband is run just as he accepts his far more frequent whippings and corner time as quite natural for a man in his position.

    But now that the price of knock off chastity devices has fallen I think I’ll see what effect keeping him locked up in a little cock cage will have. From his perspective it will mean more attention for his little cock even if the cage is a bit uncomfortable. From my perspective having him in a cage would be a good way to remind him of his position. I quite like the fact he’ll have to sit down to urinate. And once he’s caged there will be no point in his having flies on his pants.

    1. Hello Hannah, apologies for the delay in replying. Elliott sounds like a lucky man, and while he might not like the whippings and corner time, I’m sure it makes him a better husband. My wife prefers the cold shower to a whipping, but she has found that corporal punishment is sometimes what sets me straight the fastest.

      Although I haven’t announced it on the main blog yet, I have recently (as of last week) been locked up. It does indeed remind me of my position, and sitting to urinate is a part of that. The fly is indeed not useful to me, what is sometimes useful is a light feminine pad, as I find my locked cock is sometimes not 100% sanitary after using the toilet.

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