News: I Am Locked in Chastity

I’ll get right to the point: I have been locked up in a chastity device. My wife no longer sees the benefits of chastity on the honor system, and no longer desires “instant access.” Instead, she prefers that I have a constant reminder of my submissiveness and slowly deepening sense of femininity. Keeping my cock at a maximum of 2.5″ long will help improve both of these.

She has become more comfortable in her dominant nature, and our sex life is increasingly exclusively about her. It makes no difference to her if I cum after I’m done pleasuring her. But it does make a difference if I am obedient, attentive, loving, doting, and caring, and not cumming after sex promotes all of this. She (and I) believe enforced chastity will support this.

For anyone wondering, I’m locked away in a cute pink Holy Trainer v2. It’s quite comfortable. I’m now wearing it nearly full time, with a removal once every other day for cleaning and checking for chafing.

This is truly a new world for me, with so much to write about. The sensations of being locked away are difficult for someone of my limited writing abilities to describe. After less than a week since my last (ruined) orgasm, and over a week since my last full one, chastity has truly has made me more eager to please, more agreeable and docile.

The constant knowledge that I’ve surrendered such an important part of myself to my wife is a powerful emotion that’s hard to express. My focus on my wife is completely renewed, and I have a new sense of myself as a conduit through which great things happen to other people. My fulfillment is to be found in the fulfillment of others, and while I certainly feel physically frustrated and emasculated, I feel emotionally energized to please others.

Being locked has helped me build up the courage to accept further steps on my feminization. My wife loves cuddling with my bare legs, so I’ve begun shaving them. I’ll soon be completely hairless below the waist. Depending on how my diet goes, I will aim to be at the skinniest I have been in over a decade, and I hope to be hairless below the neck in the not-too-distant future.

I also hope to find better ways to talk about these things. I sometimes feel like I’m incapable of making something as erotic as my gradual feminization and sissification sound like doing the taxes.

I have no idea how this is all going to end up. I don’t know when I’m going to be allowed my next erection, let alone when I’ll get to touch myself (or be touched). I know better than to ask when my next orgasm might be.

I’m very excited about this new chapter! I would gladly give up my orgasms for all of 2015 if I knew it meant I could feel this feeling all the time. I would love to hear from other couples in a similar dynamic about how chastity has enhanced your marriage, led to further feminization, and made you both happier!

I would also like to know if there’s interest in seeing pictures of me in my cage, and/or a review of the Holy Trainer. I’m ambivalent about these things on other people’s blogs, but if there’s a desire I’ll be happy to fulfill it…


8 thoughts on “News: I Am Locked in Chastity

    1. Hi Secretarygoddess,

      I’ve just published a review–you weren’t the only one to ask, either.
      Got it at, which I recommend if you’re in North America.
      I followed the instructions on the site, going pretty tight with the string. I was on the border between the 40 and 45. Went with the 40 and think it was the right choice. Am just under 3″ soft, and the standard tube works well.

  1. I remember you previously posting that certain things like panties were “too much”. Your wife now wants this kind of thing. Your slow feminization and increased domination by your wife will be exciting to read about.

    1. The thing about the device is that it increases the intensity of the male’s submissiveness. So I think my wife simply likes the idea that I’m more submissive, gentle, obedient, loving, and docile when I’m locked up in the device. We’ve both been getting increasingly comfortable with our respective roles, and I think she felt we were both ready for me to go to the next level in my subservience to her. It’s all a matter of when she feels it’s right.

  2. That sounds like a very exciting journey you and your wife are on. Mine is very similar with my girlfriend. In the world I’m a total alpha male and my girlfriend is quiet, shy and reserved. Our sex life was always adequate but I loved masterbating. If she left the house I’d go on a marathon and cum 5 or 6 times depending on how long she was gone. It wasn’t long before I needed more and soon I started masterbating in other rooms or in the bathroom. My appetite was insatiable. Our sex life dwindled as my libido was always suffering after the rigorous masterbating sessions. She found out about it and was crushed. Her self esteem hit rock bottom and I felt terrible. I knew I had to do something. That’s when I went out and bought a CB6000. She was skeptical of the idea and first but not totally weirded out or anything. She was mostly concerned she wasn’t dominant enough to take on the role of key holder. It’s barely been a month now and she’s loving it. Her confidence has grown, her dominant side has come out and out sex life is now amazing. She loves snapping the lock shut. She loves watching me squirm while she wears sexy lingerie and rubs against me or places her hand on my cage. She’s known I enjoy the feel of cross dressing and has always been accepting of it but now she locks me away and makes me wear silky panties, nylons and nighties. The feel of the silks rubbing together as I move is constantly arousing but the CB6000 does is job and reminds me my pleasure is in her hands. She could literally make me do anything she wants and I’d do it for the chance of being unlocked. It’s such an exquisite feeling knowing she has control over that part of me. I’ve become more attentive to her. More loving and generally just a better man. When I started the journey of chastity I had no idea it was going to be like this. I don’t think I could ever go back to not being locked up and I don’t think my girlfriend would let me either. Just thought I’d share my story. Let me know if you have questions.

    1. This is wonderful–I agree that anything that makes you a better person is a great thing to have in your life! And I’m sure you’ve spoiled your girlfriend forever. As men, we should do everything we can do to help women get more of what they want in life.

  3. I am a single male 57 years old. i recently decided to experiment with chastity as ever since i was about 9 or 10 1 have masturbated at least once a day, so I bought the CB6000 and locked myself in the device, however not having a keyholder was difficult as it meant I could remove it at any time. after several occasions where I felt I wanted to remove it and masturbate So I decided to use superglue on the pins and throw away the padlock and key. it has now been 51 days without an orgasm and I feel great I like the feeling when I try get a erection, I feel I would like to stay in chastity for life, just a shame I have no keyholder to tease me.

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