Review: Holy Trainer v2

Well it didn’t take long to get requests to review my chastity cage. As a result I’ve gone and done two whole posts in two days! I’ve put the full review after the break, so free to skip this post if this isn’t what you’re into.


This, sadly, is not what I look like. I’ve blatantly stolen this picture from the wonderful

My thoughts on the Holy Trainer are mixed right now.

Good points about the Holy Trainer v2:

  • Comfortable. I’ve never worn a chastity device before, but after less than a week of wearing it I already often forget I’m wearing it (until I start to get hard). There’ some occasional pinching, but this is probably going to be the case with any device that goes around both your cock and balls.
  • Discreet. It’s undetectable underneath jeans, wool dress slacks, and sweat pants. It’s obviously more visible underneath my workout tights, but I wear often wear shorts over my tights anyway.
  • Pink. It looks like something a chaste sissy should be wearing.
  • Locking mechanism: No external padlock, very simple and always works.
  • Easy to keep clean.

Bad points about the Holy Trainer v2:

  • I am hornier than I think I have ever been in my entire life right now, and there’s nothing I can do about it because my cock is locked away and useless to me. Cue much pouting.

Some details on the specific model I have:

  • Purchased from I’m in the US, so this made sense for me. Price was in USD rather than EUR, and they offer free shipping when you purchase a complete “package” (sorry).
  • Color is pink. I’m frankly not sure about taking pictures for the internet. A couple of the pictures linked below are to pink ones. I was torn between this and white, but my wife felt strongly the pink one would have a stronger psychological effect. She was right, as always.
  • I measured myself according to the instructions on the keptforher website, and came out right on the line between a 40mm ring and a 45mm one. I went with the 40, since I have read other reviews that say the fit is a little large, and I figured a little too tight was better than a little too loose. I’m getting used to it, and think this is the way to go in the long run. I’d say get your size, but go down if you’re close to the line.
  • I got the standard tube. With my length, I would have fit fine in the short tube most of the time. The extra length means that when you start to get hard, you expand further into the tube, rather than growing larger at the base of the cock, which a) means the cage isn’t stifling as much of your erection, and b) the ring will start pulling on your balls, causing pinching and chafing. Those unsightly pictures you see on the internet of aroused chaste boys with a large lump at the base of their chastity are from not having enough of their cocks stifled by their device.
  • I’ve found a other few pictures of Holy Trainers on Tumblr:

Always happy to answer questions.

6 thoughts on “Review: Holy Trainer v2

  1. I’ve been debating getting this cage for about three weeks now, I only just got my CB3000s before learning about this one, unfortunately. Do you know if the ring sizes on the CB would transfer over to the HT, then I’d be able to order with more certainty.

    1. Hi Stephanie, unfortunately I have no experience with the CB series, so I can’t say if the ring sizes are the same. I used the ring sizing instructions on, which were accurate. I’ll reiterate the suggestion to size down when in doubt. Wish I could be more helpful! Best of luck–the best device is simply the one that keeps you denied and under her control for the greatest period of time.

  2. So if i am understanding this correctly, since i do have room to grow in the cage and have tried smaller rings now on the 40 and still feel pain in my balls and i get an erection and it basically pushes the cage down and creates what i believe you are describing as the large lump. The smaller tube would fix this? Or does the fact that my balls typically hang low mean this device is just not a good fit

    1. It sounds like the smaller tube might just make it painful sooner. I’d try more lube on the balls when installing (wipe up the excess with a tissue obviously!) and see if that helps? Sorry for the delay in responding, good luck.

  3. I stared in chastity many years ago with making a leather lock-on sheath, then a metal cage then buying a CB3000. At a chastity get together in San Francisco show and tell I saw the Holy Trainer V2. His lady had him in several other CB devices until the Holy Trainer. They both said this was the best CB she ever had for him. I do agree that this is the best chastity device I have ever had. I have a 45mm ring that I am just able to get on. However, I recently experienced one testicle, some how, slipping out if I am doing heavy work or am very active. I don’t understand how it was doing this because it was impossible to slip the testicle back in the chastity. I remember seeing how the device becomes flexible when heated. I used a heat gun to very carefully heat so the bottom of the ring was just soft. I pushed it up in the middle and held it until hard. It is now more comfortable and there is no way I can slip out.

  4. I am very curious about your way of life . I jave been reading and learning so very much about the beam lifestyle. My husband is a very dominant type of person and I feel that if I were to.introduce this option into.our relationship that.things may get better for us. I give him as much control as a or relation shio.if not more and he seems to want control in every aspect of my life which in my opinion is his right. I am wondering if mabey you could explain to me how u and your wife ended up in your situation if that isn’t proper I understand I am just very curious as to if it’s something u have to.have from day one or if it’s something you grow into .

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