Changing Expectations

My wife and I have found that her dominance of me, and my submission to her, is the right way for us to build our relationship. Over time, we’ve explored new ideas, and have both become more comfortable in our respective roles. The most obvious example of this is the fact that I’m writing this while locked in chastity, having enjoyed a single orgasm in the past three weeks (thanks to my birthday). My wife’s total, however, stands at seven, and is likely to go higher over the holidays. I think it’s fair to assume I’ve had my last orgasm of 2014. My wife and I have found that limiting my orgasms is an absolute game-changer, and I would not be surprised if I do not break double digits for 2015.

But chastity is not the only way things have changed. A lot of things that once seemed very provocative are now completely normal for us, and my wife is now considering things that were once extreme.

What does my normal look like at the end of 2014?

I’m responsible for the obvious things, like housecleaning. This was a big deal three or so years ago, but it’s now a shared expectation. My wife simply leaves things where they are. Things like dishes, laundry, her work bag, and her shoes are all put away by me without being asked. When company is coming over the question is never, “who will clean,” but rather, “when will the husband be doing it?” I’m responsible for grocery shopping, but she enjoys the process so she’ll often lead me around the store instead.

A few years ago, my wife’s family gave her a pair of boots for Christmas, and gave me a vacuum. That felt like a big deal then, but it makes sense now.

My body and presentation has changed. A few years ago, I would have thought it was very odd to shave my legs, but I now keep them smooth all year round. My wife sometimes likes me to do my upper body as well. My genitals have been kept hairless for years, which she still enjoys teasing me about.

With her in charge of shopping, pants and shirts have gotten more fitted and more colorful.

Part of the inspiration in this post came while I was in the shower yesterday. Between trying to rinse out my chastity device and shaving my legs, I noticed that all of my shower products are for females, with the exception of the razor I use for my face. I didn’t really react to this, because it seemed normal for me now.

My workout routine is now running and yoga. I’m skinnyfat, and the goal given by my wife is to simply become skinny. She doesn’t want me bulking up with either muscle or fat. The yoga in particular has helped my posture and movement, while making me much less sore from my long runs. I asked for Lululemon yoga pants for Christmas this year (the amazing herringbone ones!), so we’ll see if my yoga practice is about to become more fashionable.

The thing about all these small changes is that my wife and I are getting rid of the defaults in ourselves and our relationship. These defaults are like the default settings in our apps, easy and automatic but not quite right for everyone. There are a lot of options beyond the defaults. My wife and I don’t need to act like a plain old husband and wife. As a matter of fact, we do act a lot like a plain old husband and wife, except she acts like the husband, and I act like the wife. She doesn’t subscribe to all the typically feminine things. I certainly don’t subscribe to all the masculine things. My wife is clearly more attracted to me when I’m slightly more feminine, in appearance and attitude, and I’m attracted to her when she confidently asserts herself.

Who knows where the next year will lead? Ask my wife. She likes the progress we’re making. The joking comments about putting me in panties seem less joking than in the past. My weight is getting lower and lower, while I’m getting skinnier and faster. I’m finding that the longer my cock is kept constrained, controlled, and desensitized, my entire self feels expanded, freed, and more alive. So I’m not going to worry, or even think, about any of the servitude, submission or feminization I’m going to endure in the coming year. I know that even when I’m not sure about it, my wife truly does know what’s best, and I’m lucky to have such an amazing wife to dedicate myself to.


2 thoughts on “Changing Expectations

  1. Wow, I can only aspire to the lifestyle you are enjoying now. I am sure that a few years ago you may have been thinking the same thing when reading about another fortunate couple.
    I can relate so well to many things in your post, particularly ” A lot of things that once seemed very provocative are now completely normal for us, and my wife is now considering things that were once extreme.” It is amazing how this evolves over time, with patience from the husband.
    It was at my suggestion that we began orgasm denial for me. My wife soon saw the benefits of this and the control has shifted from me to her. She loves to get me desperately aroused, then say “Enough for now”, leaving me hard and lusting for her.
    I have been shaving my genitals on and off for a few years now, but she recently said that she now prefers it that way, so I will happily stay hairless from now on. She also is having me wear panties more frequently and just last night had me wear one of her tight sports bras while cleaning in the kitchen.
    I really liked your analogy of the default settings in the relationship. My wife does not tend toward the overly feminine and I have discovered that I do. It is my dream that we also swap roles and I become her feminized wife as she grows into her very naturally dominant role of my husband.
    Thank you so much for sharing this very provocative post. Happy holidays to you and your amazing wife.


  2. As I am reading your blog, I am wondering if your wife never gets frustrated with your submission? Doesn’t she sometimes need a “strong man” that can hold her and make her feel safe (especially considering that she also needs to be in charge at work)? Doesn´t she ever feel exhausted of having to be strong all the time?

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