The New Normal Weekend in Her Household

I was trying to think of what to write about, since I feel bad about leaving this blog unattended and would love to give more updates. I often don’t feel like I have anything terribly exciting to write about. Why would someone want to read about my normal week?

Then I realized that, although this week was fairly normal for my wife and I, it’s far from what many others would consider normal. I’ll try to describe this upcoming “normal” as a submissive, feminized husband who has surrendered to his wife’s loving authority:

I worked from home today, which allowed me to get through a long to-do list of work things, as well as finish three loads of laundry and do some shopping for this weekend. This way I’ll be able to spend more time with my wife instead of doing chores on Saturday.

I continue to lose pounds as I follow the diet and exercise plan my wife has laid out for me. Last night we met in a different neighborhood of our city to do one of her favorite activities, after which we went out to dinner. She let me splurge and have way more calories than I should have had. With my workout factored in, however, I was still under on calories for the day.

I’m about to go do my workout for today. I had wanted to sign off work early and go before the crowds hit the gym, but I had too much to do. Plus I’d worry about that one random email at 4:59…

My gym routine is running on the treadmill, and bodyweight core strength. My wife wants me to lose fat but not gain it back in muscle mass. I’m currently getting slimmer not only in my waist, but in my butt, legs, arms, and upper chest. She’s very happy with my progress, so I am too. The next few weeks of her plan include a LOT of running for me, despite the low temperatures, so I’m going to have to get used to the treadmill.

Speaking of the treadmill, one thing I’ve had to get over is my gym attire. I have smooth, shaved legs, and wear bright spandex shorts that are visible under my shorter running shorts. The spandex shorts not only reduce chafing, but help hide the chastity cage too.  I actually love working out in chastity–It’s a constant mental reinforcement of my inferiority as a man, and helps ensure I don’t spend too much effort checking out the hot girls. I don’t know how much attention my legs get me, but I know that there are some cases when it’s just not possible for me to hide the fact that I’m a little more feminine than the average. I’m certainly not happy about the idea of going back to hairy legs over the summer. I might just have to rock the silky smooth legs over my shorts.

I realized this afternoon that my pink holy trainer compliments my snug fuchsia turtleneck quite well. I’m a little concerned that it’s putting pressure on the seams of my Zara tights, which I love, but I think it’s OK. I considered painting my toenails this afternoon as a way of taking a break from work, but I think she’d prefer that we do ours together this weekend. She has a really nice teal blue color I’ve been wanting to try.

For the new year my wife has instituted a new budget system. She’s taking much stronger control of our finances, which is great news for both of us. There is, of course, more discretionary spending money available for her, so we’re going shopping for her this weekend. I have to go to Target for some toiletries and cleaning supplies, but that’s pretty much all I’ll be buying this weekend.

I say “pretty much” because she has hinted that she may allow me to spend my smaller amount of spending money at Forever 21 on some new feminine items…she even suggested a few dresses she’d like to see me try. I’d personally like to get some pairs of their shapewear panties, which should do a good job of holding my chastity cage in place and relatively close to my body. With my weight loss I’m rapidly approaching the medium zone on the size chart, so I’m excited to try some new things.

Perhaps most excitingly is that I may actually get to have my first orgasm of 2015 this weekend! Last Sunday, my wife was pleasuring herself while I held her (she didn’t want me to go down on her). She was listing the ways she has taken control over me over the past few weeks, and said that her favorite fact was the fact that she could give or take orgasms from me at will. She looked into my eyes and said she knew I haven’t cum yet this year, and that I would have to wait at least another week. That week is up this Sunday.

I’m not holding out too much hope–I wasn’t always on my best, most submissive and obedient behavior, and I actually had to sleep on the floor on Wednesday night–but I’m hoping she feels enough like getting me off to look past that.

So that’s how a normal weekend looks to a submissive feminized husband. A lot of cleaning and cooking, some relaxing with the wife, a shopping trip to buy things for her, possibly some new dresses and panties for me, and maybe even an orgasm, despite the fact that we both know I don’t deserve it. I’m guessing Valentine’s day might be a good estimate.

I think her average weekly total is going to blow away my annual total. It certainly will if this pace keeps up.




2 thoughts on “The New Normal Weekend in Her Household

    1. My wife’s opinion is that I’m not classy enough for Victoria’s Secret (even though she feels VS is a lame mall store and has gone several steps up the lingerie scale since she last shopped at VS 10 years or so ago). But certainly shapewear will help me look the part in any dresses, tights, or snug sweaters I wear, as well as holding my locked package further out of sights, so this is a priority.

      My wife’s opinion is that as a girl I fit the Forever21/American Apparel mold (she’s saying I’m a trashy hipster), although the “Assets” brand from Spanx available at Target are also an option. She certainly doesn’t want her husband spending more than her on panties and tights!

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