A Lonely Orgasm

I finally got to have my first orgasm of 2015 recently. I was unlocked and had finished pleasuring my wife according to her instructions. She took out her book and started reading. She likes being cuddled while she reads, so I instinctively cuddled with her.

I hadn’t been next to her for more than ten seconds before she pushed me over onto my back, and began teasing me through the neon blue undies I had worn to bed. I’m used to getting a vigorous tease every few days, and while I love being touched it’s a bittersweet feeling to know she’s going to let go at some point, tell me what a good subservient boy I am, and “suggest” I go take a cold shower to “calm down.”

Instead, she took one hand off her book, guided my hand downward, and told me to play. I tried to look her in the eye, but she was engrossed in her book. I got to the edge immediately and held it, teasing myself to the verge of orgasm. Since I had not been told I could have an orgasm, I expected that I was merely being ordered to tease myself since she couldn’t be bothered. I watched her and held it, and specifically remember that I waited until she had turned the page twice before asking if I had her permission to cum.

She said “yes” offhandedly, and I tried again to look into her eyes as I sent myself over the edge. She ignored my gaze as I had my first orgasm in a month. I paused for a moment afterward, went and cleaned up, put my blue undies back on, and cuddled up next to her again. I don’t know if this is what all of my orgasms are going to look like this year, or when my next one will happen, but I do feel confident that I’ve made the right decision to give this power up to my wife. She knows how long I can go for, and knows that despite my desperation it’s best for both of us if it happens as rarely as possible.

It was somewhat sad to go back in the cage the next day, knowing that it will be a long time, but I know I’m happier locked up. I had a warm feeling of loving protection in handing the keys back over to her.


One thought on “A Lonely Orgasm

  1. Love yoour last paragraph, knowing you’re happier being under her “loving protection.” How sweet a place to be in life.

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