What I Like About Being a Submissive Husband

I ended up doing a lot of cooking, cleaning, and laundry this past weekend. It’s just the way things worked out. As I wrapped it all up on Sunday night, I felt a real sense of pride. My wife had been out all day, and knowing that I had finished the laundry, cleaned the house, and had dinner nearly finished was a great feeling for me. I love that she could just come home, lay out on the couch, fire up her iPad, and have me hand her a glass of wine. I could see that it made my wife happy, and the satisfaction I get from making her happy is so far beyond any satisfaction I could have gotten from playing video games or watching sports all afternoon.

I started thinking about what else I like about being obedient and subservient to my wife.

I like that each of us has a place, and that we don’t have to apologize to each other for the ways we’re not equal, or identicial. My wife doesn’t have to apologize for being a princess, or for being demanding or critical. That’s how she is, and in her place, it’s completely her right not just to act that way, but to have it be completely her right to do so. She sat on the sofa for most of Saturday while I did chores, baked cookies, and changed loads of laundry. It’s not that she doesn’t have to apologize for this, it’s that she doesn’t even have to feel anything about it. For my part, I like that I can follow her lead and do as I’m told. I don’t have to think too much, since there are rules that I have to follow.

I like that, in addition to being submissive, I can also be feminine. I strongly disagree with the connection society draws between femininity and submissiveness. However, I find it extremely fulfilling and confidence-inspiring to express myself in a feminine way, as well as in a subservient way. In this relationship, I can do this with the guidance of an actual female.

I like that it’s impossible for either of us to “cheat” on the other. My wife has access to my entire social media presence, including this blog, as well as our bank accounts. It’s not normal in our relationship for me to be out of touch with her when she wants to contact me. On the flip side, our relationship means that if my wife wanted to have a lover, she would be able to do this. I would expect her to discuss this fact with me and be transparent about it, but she would have every right to do so.

I like that the house is always clean, dinner is always cooked, the laundry is always folded and put away. The shopping is done, the car is taken care of, errands are run, and bills are paid. There’s no question about who is doing it and when. I also like that my wife doesn’t have to be bothered with any of it, besides deciding when and how I am to do it.

I like that our sex life is, in essence, her sex life, and that mine has been formed around that. I like that, due to chastity, my libido no longer rules my decision making.

I like that the important things about our relationship, like where we might move to or when we have children, are primarily my wife’s decision. We have been talking about having kids, and I’m definitely ready to start a family, but she has decided we’re not ready to. I accept her leadership and work to prepare for the time when she says we are ready.

I like the little moments when my wife points out the differences between us, or takes advantage of her power over me in gratuitous ways. I like the little moments when I can take the extra step to show that she is loved and supported by her husband. I like making little sacrifices that increase her happiness and satisfaction.

I like that when I don’t live up to her expectations, there are consequences. Those consequences are clear, administered promptly, and are designed to ensure the behavior doesn’t occur again. It’s humiliating to be punished by your wife, but she has this power over me. I gave it to her freely, but I can’t freely take it back. What matters is that it makes me a better husband–which means, it makes me more like the husband she wants me to be.

These are some of the things I like about being submissive and obedient to my wife. I’m thankful that I can serve her, and look forward to growing in my submission as she grows in her dominance.


9 thoughts on “What I Like About Being a Submissive Husband

    1. My wife does help, she thinks its fun. Sometimes it’s mild dress-up, like with panties. Some of it is in grooming, like my shaved legs or carefully-managed brows. Some of it is in my casual clothes, which are cut closer (thanks to the very light, feminine diet my wife and I keep to) and very colorful. Same with my workout clothes. Some of it is also in my actions and habits. No sports on tv, yoga on weeknight evenings, etc. Lastly we talk a lot about women’s rights issues that we see in the media. I’m a feminist. I don’t think that all women are superior to all men, or that they should all be dominant in their relationships to all men. I’ll address this in a later post.

  1. Thanks for your blog. It’s nice to have a realistic and earnest blog out there for someone like myself who is a relative novice at the WLM. Reading your blog has helped me to process some of what I am feeling.

  2. You give a good explanation of why the submissive lifestyle is right for you. Good luck as you continue your journey serving her.


  3. I found your blog fascinating. My wife and I effectively have a WLM although unfortunately she does not admit it. She does however control sex and I enjoy that sexually frustrated feeling. We agreed a year ago that I should not orgasm until she has orgasmed at least twice. So I stay hard. This has progressed to orgasm denial.

    1. Hi Anon, thanks for the comment. It’s good that you’re progressing to orgasm denial, since this is a big part of getting you into the submissive mindset. If she doesn’t want sex often, you should accept that. Keep your eyes and ears open for other ways for you to show your love to her. Once you remove your sexual pleasure from the question, you can start to experience the pleasure of serving your wife and making her happy. Good luck!

  4. Thank you for the blog, i found it very encouraging, we follow a WLM even if it is not official. i find great satisfaction in doing the house chores while she relaxes.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Over time as you work more and she relaxes more, her expectations will shift more and more. Even if its not ‘officially official’ it will become the default. Good luck!

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