Holy Trainer v2 Update

Just wanted to follow up my previous post with another update on my pink Holy Trainer v2.

The fit continues to be excellent. My previous comments regarding ring size are still holding true for me. It’s always on, always snug, but never too tight. It would be very hard to remove my cock from the sheath, and certainly not at all possible to remove the device completely.

I chose the regular length tube. Sometimes there’s a lot of extra room, and sometimes it’s completely full even when I’m not erect. When it is full, a bit of skin pokes out the end and rubs uncomfortably against whatever underwear/panties/tights I’m wearing, which requires some adjustment. However this just helps me to lose whatever excitement I was feeling at the moment a little quicker, so it’s fine by me.

I do need to keep the area shaved consistently. This is what my wife prefers anyway, but if i forget or am rushed through a couple showers there is tugging on the hair.

I haven’t worn it through airport security yet. I did go through security in my panties, so that was enough of a risk. My cage was in my luggage, and didn’t cause any suspicion.

Sleeping has gotten easier. Still not much fun to sleep while locked up, but this is part of the territory. If I were a dominant spouse with a wife in chastity I wouldn’t imagine I’d let her out at night either.

I’ve seen more photos online of the white model, and I like it a lot. Pink is better for my psychology, but I think the white is more aesthetically pleasing.

I bought the package from keptforher.com.


2 thoughts on “Holy Trainer v2 Update

  1. Before buying my Jailbird from Mature Metal, I used the HT2 in white. I wear a device 24/7 except for about 4 hours a week for showers and sex, so I need something comfortable. The HT2 was very comfortable but my wife wanted two things. To be able to touch me when locked and to prevent erections. Even the small size did not do that. As you may have guessed from other posts I made here, my wife is bisexual and did not marry me for my penis. 🙂

    1. I agree the Jailbird is probably a more effective piece of equipment. I’ve suggested it but my wife said she’d only consider it if they made a pink one…(not sure how she imagines that would happen…)

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