Orgasm Denial Update

I was allowed to have an orgasm over the weekend, bringing the total for 2015 to four. My wife and I both work hard to restore my mindset after I have an orgasm, so there isn’t as much BS behavior on my part as there has been in the past. Overall I’m doing better than once per month, but this is because we’ve been doing some celebrating recently. I think she’s ready to go back to her vibrator for a while (she went to it when she was finished with me the last time, even though she’d already come), so this may be the last for me until much later in the spring.

As always my behavior improves greatly as the interval increases. The Holy Trainer has been a big help in making it easier for me to deal with stretching out the intervals between orgasms.

With 50 Shades of Grey being in the news so much recently, I’ve had time to reflect on the fact that there are dominant men who orgasm more in a day with their submissive girls than I have in all of 2015 so far with my wife. I’ve never actually had a conversation with a submissive woman about her submissiveness, so I can’t really compare what our experiences are like, but knowing that there are men who have women who make them come whenever they desire is quite sobering.


5 thoughts on “Orgasm Denial Update

  1. Hi
    I really enjoy your blog. Thank you.
    A really great book to read is Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow by Marnia Robinson.
    It blows the whole caboodle on the need for orgasms.
    It is very well written with great biological stuff and practical advice. She draws a very clear line between orgasmic ejaculatory sex and bonding sex.
    I am in an FLR and haven’t had an ejaculatory orgasm for about 4 years.
    I hope you find the book useful and break free of the highs and lows of the orgasm cycle. A good metaphor is surfing, orgasm is like crashing off the wave, no orgasm is like riding the wave for ever.

    M. Toads

    1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll admit I’ve never heard of this book before, but I read a short excerpt and am quite interested to learn just how solid the foundations of an orgasm-free sex life really are.

  2. LCO,
    Great posts as usual. I continue to appreciate your reflections and thoughts on a WLM. Your comments about dominant men makes me think about how my wife has dated dominant men in the past (one that even restricted the food she ate…), so clearly there is part of her that wants that. In fact, early in our relationship, I would occasionally dominate her in bed though she hasn’t expressed a desire for that in quite some time. It has gotten me wondering if I shouldn’t be convincing her to find a bull who could meet her needs for that (and have a lot more stamina than me…).

  3. Try lengthening your denial period. My wife slowly got me to 3-4 orgasms a year. She has two vibrators that she prefers to anything whether by male or female. Since I do not complain and she does not need my penis for anything but teasing, orgasms are usually reserved for wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day and either one or both for xmas and my birthday. To tell the truth, I love feeling aroused all the time. Makes my day feel better. After I orgasm I feel depressed and bored. It now takes me a full month to start feeling horny again. We joke about it not being chastity play until I start feeling horny and begging for an orgasm. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. The rational side of me agrees it’s probably a good idea for me, and I have a feeling this is slowly happening. My wife doesn’t plan ahead like that, but it’s clear that she likes the “six weeks since orgasm” version of me better! That said, it’s also great to have an independent verification that this works well.

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