Sexual Freedom Beyond Cuckolding

As a submissive, being cuckolded is the purest form of our kink. It’s the complete package of surrender and humiliation. Pegging is a close second. These are universal themes for submissive men, but they’re hardly the only way in which a submissive male can surrender himself sexually to his mistress. In fact, the way these two acts are portrayed make them seem mostly about gratifying the (supposedly submissive) male’s desires.

When you surrender yourself sexually to a dominant person, that means that your sex life happens on their terms. It’s not as exciting as cuckolding, but it’s just as powerful and fulfilling to the submissive. Much more importantly, it’s what the dominant wants, which should be the submissive’s only consideration.


When my wife and I decided that she should assume a dominant role and I ought to assume as subservient role in our marriage, that included sex. She didn’t go out and start sleeping with other men, which she believes is too risky and more trouble than it’s worth. She did, however, find other ways to take on a level of sexual freedom that most vanilla couples would find very problematic.



My wife no longer leaves any doubt as to what she finds attractive in men, and never hesitates to point it out to me. Sometimes it’s done to motivate me to go to the gym, to eat better, to run for longer, or to dress better. Sometimes it’s to humiliate me, and point out how lucky I am to be married to her when she could replace me with a man with much more sexual capital than me. Sometimes it’s just because she sees someone that gets her going.

I like it when she points this out, because it fits my little kink quite nicely. I’m safely locked away in my little pink tube, so we both know where she stands in relation to me. I know this is what she likes, so she does it.

As time has gone on, she has become more open about using her privileges. In the mornings, she will often have me hold her while she uses one of the vibrators I’ve bought for her. She enjoys being held and not having to think about my pleasure at all. She enjoys pointing out men she likes without having to worry at all about me getting jealous. She enjoys teasing me about cute girls, knowing that she could sleep with the attractive men she sees, but I have no chance of being acknowledged by any of the attractive women she points out.

It’s even better than cuckolding–it’s what she wants, and only what she wants. It’s frustrating and humiliating, and I’m thankful for it.



6 thoughts on “Sexual Freedom Beyond Cuckolding

  1. My wife also does not fail to point out younger, edgier men that she finds attractive. This is particularly true when we go to restaurants. There is usually a server or busboy that gets her going. I can almost feel her heart skip a beat, and she stares at him. It excites me that she is excited by other men and that she is comfortable verbally expressing that instead of just holding it inside.

    She went with a bunch of ladies to see Magic Mike part 2, and even floated the idea of having them over to watch part 1 (which she owns, and I have no doubt she will purchase part 2 when it is released) while i bartended for them. Unfortunately, that’s not happened yet, but serving a bunch of women that are aroused by looking at “hunks” is quite appealing to me.

    The converse is not true. She fully expects that if there is a raunchy ad on TV (victoria’s secret, beer ad with bikinis) that I turn the channel or look away.

    I love the double standard.


    1. Amen! My wife never hesitates to point out what she finds attractive in other men. If I point out a woman, it had better be because I’m about to ask my wife if she’d like me to buy that cute thing the girl is wearing!

    2. I am in a cuckold situation and it is extremely satisfying to both my Wife and I. It wasn’t long after we were married that She started dating again, noting that it was only due to my shortcomings in the bed room. She discusses Her boyfriends and adventures, never with me, but with Her Sisters on the phone in a way that I can over hear. We have many rules in our marriage and i have responsibility for housework – Her career keeps her busy and She travels often, giving Her more opportunities for ‘adventures’ that She enjoys and that make me proud of Her

  2. I also get aroused by my wife pointing out a male athlete with an attractive body. It’s like sting of jealousy that sends me spinning into a state of submission towards my liberated wife.

  3. I love this post. Yes, it really puts one in our place when our Wives point things out.. especially when She knows you’re wearing pink frilly panties underneath your jeans while you shop together, anyway. ~sara

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