A Submissive Sissy Boy’s Christmas List

My wife is enjoying new ways of helping me express my feminine side. This is hardly the ‘forced feminization’ of internet fantasy–I’d like to be fully sissified, but my wife isn’t really into that, and it’s a fine line you have to follow when you’re married (and particularly when you’re accustomed to being obedient to your wife).

All that aside, there’s a sissy Christmas list to go along with my real Christmas list. I’ve shared both with my wife, and we’ll see what ideas she likes!

I’m not going to reproduce the entire thing here, but here are some highlights:



  • Around-the-house tights in cute colors from White Plum and/or Black Milk


  • Workout clothes from UnderArmour, Nike, or maybe even Athleta
  • Cute (i.e. bright but tasteful) workout shoes from Nike
  • Better hair-removal tools
  • More colors of nail polish! I’m getting addicted, even if my wife doesn’t like my choice of colors
  • Closer-fitting mens jeans and khakis
  • Shapewear to wear under these closer-fitting pants to help my shape

And lastly, every sissy’s favorite present:


  • Panties! We’ve found that fun and lacy just don’t work well with a chastity cage, but that a pair with more coverage a heavier fabric will keep a cage tucked nicely away and eliminate almost all the bulge, which helps when wearing tights.

4 thoughts on “A Submissive Sissy Boy’s Christmas List

  1. You my friend is exactly how I feel. I was just recently out in chastity but had to remove after a week due having sore balls. But right now I do not want an orgasm. The love I have for my wife is greater than it’s ever been. When ever I see her now after only been denied about 2 weeks, I just hold her so close. I feel like I’m her best girl friend. When she teases me, she lays on top and pretends to have sex. At that moment I feel like we are two women enjoying the pleasure of rubbing one another. Hope I didn’t get off topic but this blog makes me feel like you! Thanks for writing.

  2. Delicious looking panties. We have also been unhappy with the super sexy ones – they just don’t hold in the penis the way they should.

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