A Tale of Two Marriages

I can’t believe it has been two whole years since I posted to this blog. I’m sorry. I have no excuse. I’ve heard from so many wonderful dominants and submissives in that time, and I hope my past posts have been helpful for new readers.

My wife and I have come a long way in the last two years. Let me describe two marriages.

In the first one, the couple has sex on a perfect schedule. There’s always money left over from paying the bills. The house runs like clockwork–laundry, dishes, cleaning, and maintenance happen automatically. Groceries and supplies magically appear when needed. Evenings are relaxed, weekends are full of fun and adventure. There are no disagreements, no arguments, no differences of opinions. The marriage serves as a platform to build a great career, pursue fulfilling adventures and a loving family.

The second marriage is marked by profound sexual frustration, frequent humiliation, and occasional coercion. Money is constantly watched over for any sign of problems. House chores are relentless, and only one spouse does housework, so the other spouse changes their work schedule to take one day every other week off from work to keep up. It seems any trip anywhere includes a stop at the grocery store on the way home. Evenings are spent catering to one person’s whims. Weekends are a death march, with cooking, more cleaning, and food prep happening between jaunts on ‘fun’ trips. There is no space for opinions or ideas. The marriage is a job.

The first marriage is the one my dominant wife lives and the one everyone else sees. The second marriage is the one I, her submissive husband, live every day.

In 2016, after my last post, she embraced full control of our sex life–and remade it. She was always clear that penetrative sex is not her preferred way of getting off. Even as we have continued being intimate–and she has continued receiving orgasms–I have only been inside her five times in the past two years (and one of those times, I was not allowed to orgasm!).

My masturbation schedule has been reduced, and I only wear my Holy Trainer when I’m very desperate and close to orgasm. I generally go three weeks or so between orgasms, with the first week or so unlocked. I had just over a dozen orgasms in 2017.

My wife believes it’s not worthwhile to her for me to only orgasm inside her, so she is OK with masturbation as long as it’s on her (rare) schedule. However, she finds it distasteful, and after years of masturbating in the bed or shower, she asked me early this past year to begin masturbating on my knees directly into the toilet. It’s out of her sight, and guarantees cleanup will be done properly (since I’m responsible for cleaning the toilets), but it’s also yet another humiliation. Sulking back to bed, pulling my panties back up over my painted toenails and shaved legs, after jerking off into the toilet is how the majority of my orgasms end now.

As I have become more sissified and feminized (I’m writing this wearing the new faux leather leggings, tight mockneck sweater, and thong bodyshaper Naughty Santa got me for Xmas!), my wife has continually mentioned that she would like me to start cumming more femininely, meaning more rarely and without jerking or pumping. Being a researcher, she has cited evidence (which I dare not argue with) that the average woman has an orgasm every other month. It’s her desire that I orgasm six times, and that I replace stroking into the toilet with using a vibrator to ejaculate into a maxi pad stuck into my panties. My last two orgasms have happened this way, and they are among the most intense orgasms I have ever felt.

Some things that may happen in 2018:

My wife may decide to forego penetrative sex completely. I’m never going to penetrate better than I eat pussy, and my cock is never going to do any of the things her vibrators can do.

I’m tucking and taping more while wearing feminine/sissy attire, and using the cage less. I still can’t get hard or feel any stimulation either way, but there is no bulge at all with a tuck and tape.

In less sexy news, I may start trying a grocery delivery service to eliminate a chore. I’ve pitched it to my wife, and now she is considering it. I’m also going to be starting a daily yoga habit in an effort to become calmer, more accepting and open, better able to cope with frustration, and as an excuse to get cute new workout clothes. I’ll be waking up 30 minutes early (and going to be 30 minutes earlier, so done with chores 30 minutes earlier…) to do this. I’m writing this here to keep me accountable!

This post has gotten longer than I’d intended. I hope it hasn’t been boring. Please feel free to email (lovecherishobey@gmail.com) or leave a comment.


10 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Marriages

  1. Sounds like you are not getting whatever you need to be getting from this relationship. Better address your needs soon before frustration turns to anger and jealousy. You need to show her your post. Just my 2 cents. M

  2. Two years! I know from my experience that after a couple years of enthusiasm for writing a blog, you do lose steam. What was new and exciting becomes daily life and unworthy of taking the time to write about. Despite that, it is great to hear from you again.
    The tale of two marriages seemed almost bitter in it’s telling of the disparity, but underneath it all are hints of the continued fulfillment in being feminized, including the complete reversal of sexual roles. My wife enjoys reminding me that I am paying back for my years of male sexual pleasures. I do like the concept of cumming more feminine.
    One of the first things I did to change our sex life was to completely forego masturbation to orgasm so that I save myself for my wife.
    I am very fortunate that my wife does enjoy penetrative sex, my struggle is to provide her with that pleasure and not orgasm without permission.

    1. Thanks for the awesome comment! A great point that we are just repaying years and years of unfairness. And yes, the shaved legs and panties and sexual denial does start to feel surprisingly normal after a while. Consider yourself fortunate that your wife enjoys penetration 😉

  3. Ask her if you can buy a Lelo Sona. You can hold it and pleasure her. If she wants you to orgasm in a feminine way what better way than using a clitoral stimulator? Your penis is homologus to her clitoris. Hold the sona on the very tip, using lube, and don’t stimulate the shaft at all. Hope you both enjoy!

  4. I just discovered your blog and find your slave life so similar to mine. I have been a slave to my wife for 17 years now. Five years ago she told me that she did not want penetrative sex anymore. She never enjoyed it, she only wanted me to use my tongue and one of her many vibrator toys on her. She gets her orgasms at least once a week. I seldom wear my chastity device anymore, a CB 6000, because my wife feels it is an artificial method of orgasm control. She tells me no cummimg allowed, no asking or begging, she will decide when I cum. That is all I need she says. I wear panties 24/7, and she rubs me thru them every morning before we get out of bed. If I have the device on, she will unlock it and only remove the shaft, and rub me. About twice a week, if I have been good and not displeased her in any way, she will edge me.
    My wife only allows me to cum twice a year, I must wait six months between orgasms. She says “a horny husband is a good husband”. I have to wear panty shields in my panties because I drip so much after an edging.
    I do all of the housework, laundry, ironing and most cooking. My wife plays golf with her friends three times a week. Those days I must do housework and when she comes home I give her a long massage with orgasms. She is very strict, and if she sees I have not folded her cloths properly or cleaned to her high standards, I will have to spend hours doing it all again. Last week she did not like the way I folded and put away her panties. She emptied the entire draw on the bed and told me to do it again. When I was done, she emptied it again, and said to do it all over. I did learn my lesson.
    We have a wonderful relationship and I enjoy being her slave more than anything. She rarely has to punish me. When she does, I am given corner time, stripped to my panties, holding a pair of her worn panties between my nose and the wall for at least an hour . This will go on for maybe two weeks. Or she will tie me, hands high over my head, in her walk in closet for 3 to 4 hours. She puts me in a diaper, and I must ask permission to use it, which she seldom gives. I may not speak unless she asks me a question. If I wet myself, and I usually do, I will be punished again by being tied up longer the following weekend.
    My last orgasm was June of 2017. I was hopi g for New Years, but it looks like she wants me even more submissive. She loves to keep me horny and enjoys seeing me edged. As I said, we have a great life.

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