About and Contact

Thank you for visiting my site. You may contact me by email at lovecherishobey@gmail.com.

I’m a submissive husband living in the United States, obedient to my dominant wife.

My wife is a natural leader. She’s confident, ambitious, and demanding. She has the talent, intelligence, class, taste, and beauty to back it up. She likes being the center of attention and the star of the show. She’s happiest when she’s calling the shots, and others are getting in line behind her. She desires my attention, obedience, and service.

I’m a naturally nurturing and supportive person. I’m easy going, sensitive, and introspective. I like finding agreement and solving problems for people. I desire my wife’s guidance, approval and affection.

As we develop our Dominant/submissive relationship, she and I have both found fulfillment in helping me to express myself in a more feminine way, both physically and mentally. I’m proud to say this feminization has helped me lose many old bad habits, gain many good new ones, and strengthened my bond with my wife.

From my closet to my diet to my cock, my wife has taken control of me and turned me into the person she desires. In doing so, she has made me a much happier, more fulfilled person. In return, she has my unyielding submission.


6 thoughts on “About and Contact

  1. Hello
    I really like your blog on FLR and I am looking forward to implementing some of the tips and suggestions for my wife to gain more control over me in our relationship…. The financial aspects of FLR (having her control the finances) are for me the ultimate act of submission, do you practice this and have any suggestions on this topic?


  2. Hi there, just recently found your blog, so far it’s great to read another submissive hubby’s view. Just thought I would droop a little note to say hi!

  3. Hi.I just started following your blog. I’m amazed at how much I relate to you. My wife and I just started down the road of a Female led relationship after being married for 16 years. I have fully submitted to her. One fundamental difference is that although my wife is a strong overachiever with a Psy.D and a private practice, she is not naturally dominant. She is just starting to explore being the primary decision maker, assigning me chores, and putting herself first all of the time. I find myself wanting her to move faster to total dominance, though I know it will backfire. Whaven’t really approached using sex in our new lifestyle. We currently have scheduled sex 3x per week, which includes one day of spanking. From what I read, it seems that moving to chastity and controlled orgasm seems to really help the submissive process, but it scares the hell out of me because of my insane sex drive.

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