Update: My First Year in Chastity

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I haven’t been in chastity the ENTIRE year. Here’s an update:


My wife’s interest in chastity comes and goes. She loves the effect it has had on my personality and our relationship, but sometimes her interest in general kink comes and goes. She’s never sick of it or opposed to it, but we’ve been D/s for so long it’s just kind of assumed and frankly a little boring. 

I’m always happy to answer questions on email (lovecherishobey@gmail.com) and in the comments, but I’ll answer the predictable ones now.

What was the longest time you went without an orgasm?

Earlier in the year, she started me off by stretching out the time we went between my orgasms. The longest I went without an orgasm was approximately three months.

How many orgasms did you have last year?

So I’ve more or less lost count. It was more than 20, but definitely less than 30. If I had to guess I’d say 24. We went on three trips this year and my wife likes vacation sex.

How many times did your wife orgasm last year?

About 5 orgasms for her for every one of mine. That I know of 😉

What device do you use?

I wear a Holy Trainer 2.0, regular tube, in pink. It’s very comfortable. I know commenters have said it’s possible to slide out, especially with a ‘comfortable’ ring. Removing it while locked would be extremely painful for me–I’ve tried! My ring is on the tighter side but I put lotion around my balls when I install it, which eliminates chafing.

Where is your key kept?

My wife has a chain that she keeps our key on. When it’s just us and she wants to show off, it’s around her neck. In public, she has a Tiffany Key that she wears openly, even around our parents. She and I know what it signifies, and everyone else just assumes she has conventional taste in jewelry. When she’s wearing her Tiffany I know better than to fucking ask where the key is. That would be more time.

Are you allowed to masturbate while released?

Technically yes, but this would be frowned upon by my wife so I avoid it. All but a half-dozen or so orgasms were had with my wife. I confessed each time, and time was added to each locked period.

Does she tease you?

Yes. With the cage on. we tried teasing with the cage off but it took forever to get soft and it was very tempting to run off and play with myself.


Do you have your prostate milked?

We haven’t tried this. She’s in the medical field and did some research. Three months has no negative effects, and some data show potential positive effects.

How long will you go for this year?

I don’t know, that’s not my decision to make anymore.



6 thoughts on “Update: My First Year in Chastity

  1. My situation has a lot of parallels to yours, the biggest difference being that I am rarely locked in chastity. It is more difficult for me to remain chaste without a device, which appeals to her. She also loves feeling my erection against her as she falls asleep.

    I keep pretty good track of our orgasms and I believe I get about 2 per month; she gets about 3-4 times more orgasms than me (it varies, sometimes we go through vanilla phases). That number would be a lot higher if she went for multiple orgasms (which used to the case always). There were times when she would have 10 orgasms in a row until she let me come. Think about that – female orgasms are longer and more intense, so she’s really getting a tremendous amount of pleasure compared to me. Except that I am so turned on by her orgasms, it’s as if they are shared.

    I agree I’m a better husband when denied.

  2. Could you describe your feelings as time builds up after lockup. Does your interest in feminine things increase. How? Do your submissive feelings increase? Describe how. Bill

  3. Hi, I have been in the ht2 small for a week now and am really pleased with it and fond of being in chastity for the first time. My issue is with wearing the device around friends and family, I have done so and felt uncomfortable. How do you manage? Do you recall your first time among family and friends?

  4. My wife is beginning to get me and embrace her new power.
    She punished me today by removing my new pantyhose from my legs. I have to be naked until tomorrow. I will learn. I love being her sub husband

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